Hey you, thanks for popping into my space!

My name is Lauren Paton, and I love banana & peanut butter. Seriously though it is my favorite combo! Chocolate is good too... and green juice. I'm a whole-foods lover. 

Okay, before I start to tell you about me, I want you - yes you - to tell yourself something kind, something you truly love about yourself. Self-love is one of the greatest sources of nourishment, and I want you to know that you deserve to feel your most vibrant, unique self. 

My journey to creating This Whole Lifestyle, and learning about holistic health, blossomed from an eating disorder. Life puts us through challenges that maybe don’t make sense at the time, but once we overcome or better understand them, we can look back to learn and grow from these experiences. This is the case with my eating disorder and how it formed my immense passion for nutrition and helping others build a beautiful relationship with food; so that you love what you eat, how it makes you feel, and that it just.becomes.natural. (Meaning you aren’t stressing about what or when to eat, and what diet label you fall under!).

My philosophy is simply this: Eat quality, organic, whole foods that are supportive to your health, are humane, and considerate to Mother Nature.

I’m here to educate you, empower you, and offer you ongoing support.

Throughout my schooling at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I graduated with Merit as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I gained the education to repair my own nutritional deficiencies, regain hormonal balance, understand my food allergies, learn to manage my anxiety and stress, and discover what it truly means to be living a balanced, clean lifestyle. I get it- it’s hard to understand nutrition with so much contradictory information out there today. But rest assured, you wont find any crazy diet fad here, calorie counting, birdseed, or dry kale salads (I don’t like any of those either!). Just me guiding you to become more in tune with your body, head & heart, getting to the root cause of your symptoms, discovering a way of eating and living that makes you happy in the short and long-term, and most importantly having a blast while doing it!

Here’s to being your most vibrant you,

Lauren Paton R.H.N.

With Lauren’s coaching and advice, I successfully completed a one month elimination diet and found that in doing so, I learned how to eat in a way that worked great for my system; especially considering that I have many allergies. She asked the right questions, listened to my concerns and prepared an individualized plan for me that was responsive to my lifestyle, while taking into considerations the types of foods & ingredients that I have access to. I have seen a huge improvement in my health and eating habits since I started to work with Lauren. She really takes the time to get to know you, and how your life and schedule works to help you fit in healthy eating habits... all while making the process simple and fun!
— Mihaela, 35

Lauren saved my sanity recently by feeding me gorgeously for a week. I had been on a volunteer trip for a week and had been fed horrifically. The trip took everything that I had as a professional, and everything I had as a person (mental, emotional, spiritual). It turned out that we were fed essentially carbohydrates and pre-frozen processed foods by a person who wasn’t caring. It was profound how that left me mal-nourished on every level on my return. I remembered that my massage therapist (Claire) had her food prepared by Lauren and made a frantic phone call. I told Lauren that I couldn’t face the grocery store and could she feed me for a week! The next day she gave me so much great, colourful, nourishing foods that she had shopped for and prepared for me. It helped restore my energy while I continued to work at a frantic pace. I will call on her again whenever my life gets unbalanced! I love to cook and appreciate whole foods that are prepared in a caring manner and Lauren will be my little ace in the whole if I need it!
— Dr. Janice Cook