Grocery Store Tour

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Grocery Store Tour


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Let's go shopping! Learn how to navigate your way around a grocery store and how to make healthy decisions. After all... what goes in your basket is going to end up in your body.

You Will Learn:

  • Recommended places to shop in your living area
  • How-to make an efficient grocery list. 
    • Note: If you are an existing client, the grocery list will be based off your meal plan ingredients.
  • What to look out for on a nutrition label, and how to properly read one.
  • How-to select the freshest foods, what's in season, and what's local in the produce section.
  • Learn what is best to be purchased organic, and why organic food is important to our health & environment
  • Introduce you to new foods
  • Tips to eating healthy on a budget
  • How not to get tricked by the seemingly "healthy food" items and marketing schemes
  • If the farmers market is on- let's go!

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