Nutrition Consulting

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Nutrition Consulting


Let me help you get back on track to feeling your most vibrant self.

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Initial Appointment

The initial consultation is when I get to know you, your main health concerns, and health goals. First off, I will send you intake forms and a week long diet diary to fill out prior to meeting. During our consult we will review your current diet & eating habits, talk about what foods you love, your lifestyle (exercise routine, stress levels, sleep patterns etc.), health history, and if you are currently taking any prescribed supplements or medications. After this information is gathered, a Personalized Vibrancy Program that approaches the body as a whole will be created. I will meet you where your at on your wellness journey so that your plan is acheivable and easy to follow. 

First Consultation

The first consultation is when we will review your summary package of your Personalized Vibrancy Program so you know exactly how to integrate the recommendations into your lifestyle. We will also talk about what might be contributing to your main health concerns or symptoms, knowledge of what a healthy diet embodies, and specific foods & nutrients to help support your constitutional needs.

What your Personalized Vibrancy Program entails:

  • Specific diet recommendations
  • Customized, nutrient packed meal plan & recipes
  • Delicious meal & snack ideas
  • Supplement recommendations (if felt needed)
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Additional handouts to support your plan and educate you

*Please Note: In person consultations are preferred, however, phone calls or Skype can be arranged. The Personalized Vibrancy Program will be completed and printed or emailed to you within 5 to 7 days.


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